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Title: [Release] taiHEN - new developments
Post by: cuevavirus on February 20, 2021, 06:06:35 PM
See original readme: https://github.com/yifanlu/taiHEN/blob/master/README.md

Yifan is no longer maintaining it so I will post updates in this thread. Previous releases used versions 0.2 to 0.11. Please consider them as 0.2.0 to 0.11.0. From this point, versions 0.x.y will be backward compatible with 0.11.0, while versions 1.x.y will not.

Download (https://bin.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/taihen)
Source repository (https://git.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/taihen)

Version 0.12.0

Module changes

- Support all system software versions >=3.60 with a single module
- Skip plugin load on boot on a PSTV (see steps below)
- Reduced the memory requirement of the loadable image from 256 KiB to 64 KiB
- Reduced the block size of the patches heap from 64 KiB to 4 KiB
- Fixed a fatal crash caused by erroneous linked list manipulation when unhooking when the hook chain has two or more hooks
- Fixed a fatal crash caused by unresolved stubs erroneously identified as resolved
- Fixed a fatal crash caused by a Thumb to Thumb BLX (reg) instruction erroneously written to the outro trampoline when the jump patch overwrites a Thumb to ARM BLX (imm) instruction (https://github.com/yifanlu/taiHEN/issues/84)

Development header changes

- Added a TAI_NEXT macro similar to TAI_CONTINUE, but has static type checking and allows continuing the hook chain on functions that pass arguments with VFP registers
- Added taihenModuleUtils functions to the public header

No API changes. The included stub libraries are for the SN linker only. The Vitasdk stub libraries from previous releases will continue to work for Vitasdk users.

Recovery from bad plugin on a PSTV

1. Unplug the power supply from the PSTV.
2. Plug in the power supply. The PSTV will boot automatically. Connect the controller by pressing the PS button.
3. The power LED will blink slowly for 10 seconds when taiHEN is waiting for input. When the controller has connected, press and hold L1. The power LED will blink rapidly to indicate that input has been received.
4. Boot continues with plugin loading skipped.

Note that if you boot with any other method, taiHEN will not wait for input during boot.
Title: Re: [Release] taiHEN - new developments
Post by: cuevavirus on February 22, 2021, 10:36:05 PM
Version 0.12.1

Fixed a bug where remote module load may fail due to incorrect caller context. If you had trouble opening Adrenaline with 0.12.0 this will fix it.
Title: Re: [Release] taiHEN - new developments
Post by: cuevavirus on February 24, 2021, 03:37:06 PM
Version 0.12.2

- Fixed a bug where USB drive fails to mount when boot was delayed from waiting for controller input from booting by plugging in the power cable
- Fixed a bug where taiHEN waits for controller input even when not using Enso