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Title: [Release] PSOneScrot - take proper PS1 screenshots
Post by: cuevavirus on March 25, 2020, 10:00:24 PM
The usual way of taking a screenshot with PS+Start does not work for PS1 games. We have created PSOneScrot (PS1 Screenshot) to fulfill this feature which has been sorely lacking.


Download (https://bin.shotatoshounenwachigau.moe/vita/psonescrot/)

How to use:

1. Open settings in the quick menu
2. Open official settings if using adrenaline
3. Select screenshot


Video instructions:

Bilinear filtering:

This option will affect the resulting screenshot and is the only graphical option that affects the screenshot.

This option is normally hidden on the PSTV but will be enabled with this plugin. Bilinear filtering has no effect on the HDMI image output.


Install under *KERNEL for example

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