Author Topic: [Release] Affinity Changer - CPU Affinity Mask Changer for PS Vita system apps  (Read 1335 times)

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Warning! This will only work with reF00D for now.

This application allows you to change CPU affinity mask of some PS Vita system applications to all user cores, which increases their performance.

Sets cpu affinity mask for the following applications: Friends, Trophies, Music, Messages, Settings, ★Checker(uncomment in src if needed), Parental Controls.

Download here:

Some observations:
Boot time 1.90 sec -> 1.58 sec. Loads all in-app stuff much faster.
Boot time: 1.71 sec -> 1.42 sec. Loads trophies when fast scrolling page almost instantly.
Boot time 2.45 sec -> 2.06 sec. Loads album covers much faster.
Boot time 1.93 sec -> 1.83 sec.
Boot time: 2.08 sec -> 1.83 sec. Better overall in-app performance.
★Checker (uncomment in src if needed):
Checks are performed much faster, especially if there is lot of addcont.
Parental Controls:
Boot time: 1.75 sec -> 1.53 sec.
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