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What's this?
Being subjected to glitchy and flickery menus, incompatibility crashes with Adrenaline and having to deal with profiles for over a year was getting pretty annoying, so I tried looking for a "just OC no bullshit" plugin. I couldn't find any. I can't believe no one made one before. How could people put up with it for a year? So here I present to you:
Sets all clocks to max (including 500mhz for CPU) at all times and disables power limits like high brightness and Wi-Fi not working on intensive games!
No dealing with menus, profiles, settings, error messages anymore!
No over complicated hooks, just 5 hooks (4 to clocking, 1 to disable power limits). It's literally smaller than 3KB.
I dealt with it so you don't have to!
  • The clocks are maxed out system wide, so every application including: shell, system apps such as web browser, and of course games will have maxed clocks.
  • Not as complex as other actual overclock plugins, so it works with Adrenaline.
  • It does not have a menu system, so no more messing around with menus to set a profile. Useful for PSTV users that want to use their systems at max clock at all times.
  • Power limits are disabled, this means brightness and W-Fi settings are no longer disabled on games that attempt to do so.
  • Each clock is hooked, so even if a game dynamically sets the clock, it will still stay maxed out.

Will this kill my Vita?
Overclocking should always be done with caution, but no, probably not.
Put "lolita500.skprx" in 'tai' folder in 'ur0' or 'ux0' and add the following:
Code: [Select]

Where do I get it from?
Also join the Discord server if you're into these stuff:
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Here's a 444mhz fork.
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Registered only to tell you thank you, to you and any other dev who spend time and effort to support the vita!!!  :-* :-* :-*