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This is the FreeGLUT library ported to PS Vita utilizing Pigs-In-A-Blanket that we released recently. It also happens to be my second porting attempt just after CreepTea-Vita. Special thanks to dots-tb and SonicMastr for guiding me through the process. Do note that this is my first time porting a library and I advise you to not take this too seriously.

What the hell is a FreeGLUT?

FreeGLUT is a cross-platform free implementation of the OpenGL library GLUT; a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs. It implements a simple windowing application programming interface (API) for OpenGL. GLUT makes it considerably easier to learn about and explore OpenGL Programming.
More info can be found here:

To Do:

Input needs some work as I haven't tried porting a FreeGLUT game to see how controls are handled. At the moment, I registered button presses as special events and didn't handle multiple presses. At a quick glance, joystick support and touchscreen support looks quite possible as we can return x and y coordinates along with button presses too.

How To:

First, obtain DolceSDK:,129.msg809.html
Then, obtain Pigs-In-A-Blanket:,294.0.html

Code: [Select]
git clone
cd freeglut-vita
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -DVITA=1
make -j8                    // 8 can be replaced by amount of threads(cpu cores) you have
make install


- FreeGLUT contributors
- FMudanyali
- dots-tb
- SonicMastr
- Graphene
- Team CBPS
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