Author Topic: [Release] CoreUnlocker80000H - Allows games to use system-reserved CPU core  (Read 4564 times)

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Plugin for PS Vita that allows game mode applications to use system-reserved CPU core (CPU3).

This is part 1 of the plugin and app set that will allow to fine tune threading in games.

Install under *KERNEL.


1. But Vita has 4-core CPU. Why do we need that plugin?
- Games are allowed to use only 3 CPU cores out of 4 (CPU0, CPU1 and CPU2). CPU3 core is reserved for system processes, such as loading modules, and usually stays at around 10-15% during the game.

2. Will it improve performance in games?
- No, this plugin will not improve performance in games by itself. It only removes check that prevents games from using system-reserved core CPU affinity mask. Improving performance will be the task of the second plugin and config app that will be released soon.

3. I am hombrew developer. How can I use system-reserved core in my game?
- When creating new thread, specify 0x80000 for CPU affinity mask. You can also use that value with sceKernelChangeThreadCpuAffinityMask() to change affinity mask of already existing thread.

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