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[RELEASE] Vita-BootSound
« on: June 06, 2020, 08:30:10 PM »
What is this?
This plugin can play a WAV file as a custom boot jingle on PS Vita / PS TV at boot.
First seen in SO CBPS event:

Place the plugin to ur0:tai/bootsound.suprx
Place your WAV file as ur0:tai/bootsound.wav
Add ur0:tai/bootsound.suprx under *main
as such:
Code: [Select]

It does not play!
It will not play sounds that:
- are larger than 1MB
- have a higher sample rate than 48khz
- have broken metadata (ffmpeg or Audacity should fix this)
- have more than 2 channels
It may also have issues with the 'System Music' option being switched on on firmwares higher than 3.60 due to the audio hook's NID being different.


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