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Having to launch VitaShell or BGFTP annoyed me. I only turn my Vita's Wi-Fi on when I want to use FTP so I don't have any security issues. Here's an always running background FTP server plugin, like how PS3 CFWs do it. So I edited vitacompanion to take command and logging abilities out and made this.

Installing the plugin:
  • Add ftpeverywhere.suprx under *main to your taiHEN config (most likely at ur0:/tai/config.txt):
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  • Copy ftpeverywhere.suprx to location specified in your taiHEN config (in this example, ur0:tai/ftpeverywhere.suprx).   
  • (OPTIONAL) Install and run SilicaAndPina's NoSleep.vpk for a better experience.
  • Reboot your console.

Using the plugin:
This plugin sets up a FTP server on the port 1337. You can connect to it using your FTP client of choice.
If the Wi-Fi connection on your Vita gets interrupted, the FTP server will come back online in some time after the connection is reestablished.

Building the plugin:
Requires you to have DolceSDK installed.
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cmake .


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